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It can be used for Tillage and is fully functional as a rotary tiller as per seasonal requirements of farmers – providing farmers with significant cost savings in terms of the initial investment compared to other solutions.

Step into the world of excellence and innovation. Plan your visit to experience India's top-notch AGRI-MACHINERY production facility. Brace yourself for an eye-opening journey that will unveil the cutting-edge technology shaping the future of agriculture."  Watch the video to understand AGRZONE product quality standards.

Best In Class Features 

  • AGRIZONE Laser Land Leveler helps obtain a more levelled and smooth soil surface with a single operation.
  • It aids in enhanced crop establishment by uniformly dispersing water, seeds, fertilizers and chemicals.
  • It improves the uniformity of crop maturity, resulting in a high yield. Reduce the consumption of pesticides.
  • AGRIZONE Laser Land Leveler is next generation Leveler that is made with latest technology and feature that enhance your overall experience.
  • The operator can easily select an automatic or manual control.

Available models as per farmer's need 

Note: Product specification is subject to development process, it can be changed over time. 

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