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It can be used for Tillage and is fully functional as a rotary tiller as per seasonal requirements of farmers – providing farmers with significant cost savings in terms of the initial investment compared to other solutions.

What people say about AGRIZONE

Best In Class Features 

  • It is used for sowing seeds of all kind of crops.
  • It performs well in every kind of soil.
  • It is made from gauge sheet and dense structure.
  • It preserves the moisture within the soil.
  • Mixes stays of the preceding harvest withinside the soil, which fertilizes the farm.

Available models as per farmer's need 

Note: Product specification is subject to development process, it can be changed over time. 

Exceptional Product quality with exceptional service.

With our 24x7 on-site service support, you can rest assured that assistance is just a phone call away. Whether you encounter a technical issue, need maintenance guidance, or have any concerns regarding our products, our dedicated team of engineers is always ready to help. We prioritize prompt response times and efficient problem-solving to minimize any disruptions to your farming activities.

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